What sets apart the Tata Curvv from the Tata Curvv EV?

Martin Joseph 20 February
What sets apart the Tata Curvv from the Tata Curvv EV?

The Tata Curvv made its latest appearance at the 2024 Bharat Mobility Expo, showcasing a near-production-ready model with some remarkable design modifications since its previous reveal. However, the SUV first caught attention back in 2022 with its electric variant, the Curvv EV concept. 


While the recent unveiling of the internal combustion engine (ICE) version retains the overall shape and dimensions of the original EV model, discernible design distinctions are evident between the two iterations.


Front Specifications



The primary and most remarkable contrast lies in the grille design. In the ICE variant of the Curvv, a black grille featuring horizontal chrome elements, reminiscent of those found in the latest Harrier and Safari models, takes center stage. In contrast, the EV concept sported a sealed-off grille, cooperatively finished with the vehicle's body color.

Additionally, it is evident that the Curvv features vertically positioned headlights similar to the latest Tata models. However, the Curvv EV distinguishes itself with triangular-shaped headlights containing multiple lighting elements.

The width-spanning DRLs maintain a nearly identical appearance in both versions, yet there are differences in the bumper design. Although both variants feature a black front bumper, the Curvv ICE incorporates horizontal chrome elements, mirroring those present in its grille.


Side Specifications

The general design and silhouette of both the Curvv EV and ICE remain consistent, although there are observable distinctions. The first one is the rear spoiler on the Curvv ICE sits slightly lower than that of the EV. Secondly, the door cladding exhibits a different design between the two versions.


Nevertheless, the most notable difference lies in the alloy wheel design. The Curvv ICE is equipped with petal-shaped dual-tone 18-inch alloy wheels, whereas the Curvv EV boasts larger dual-tone alloys with a sleeker and more aerodynamic design.


Rear Specifications



Here, the distinction in their designs becomes more apparent. Both variants feature the same LED-connected tail light setup. However, the Curvv EV concept stands out with additional lighting elements surrounding the rear windshield and adorning the bumper.

Similar to the front end, the brake lights showcase a distinct design, and the rear bumper also diverges between the two models. Specifically, the Curvv ICE is equipped with a skid plate, a feature absent in the Curvv EV concept.


Cabin Specifications



In the interiors of both the Curvv and the Curvv EV, the dashboard layout and features exhibit remarkable similarities. Both models feature expansive screens for infotainment and driver's display, Tata's latest steering wheel adorned with the illuminated Tata logo, and a touch-based climate control panel. 

This shows Tata's readiness to incorporate its fresh cabin design philosophy into its production vehicles, evident as these details were integrated into their road cars in less than a year.

Yet, the cabin of the Curvv EV adopts a more minimalist approach, featuring only a select few elements that contribute to its sleek and uncluttered aesthetic. On the contrary, the ICE-equipped Curvv undergoes several design alterations, including a distinct theme, a shift from a 2-spoke to a 4-spoke steering wheel, the addition of a gloss black strip on the dashboard, and a revised housing for the digital driver's display.

At present, Tata has not released official details regarding the interior of the latest Curvv showcased. Considering that the model exhibited at the 2024 Bharat Mobility Expo was still in its near-production stage, it's reasonable to expect potential additional design modifications both internally and externally.


Expected Launch

Tata is set to introduce the Curvv EV initially, with a projected launch window between July and September 2024, and an anticipated starting price of Rs 20 lakh (ex-showroom). Subsequently, the petrol and diesel variants of the Curvv are slated for launch approximately 3 to 4 months after the EV variant, with an expected starting price of Rs 10.50 lakh (ex-showroom).


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