Tourists Driving in Dubai - All You Need To Know

10 March
Tourists Driving in Dubai - All You Need To Know

Dubai has one of the most excellent road networks in the world. Driving in Dubai is one of the most liberating experiences in the world. It opens up a whole new facet of the city for you to see, one that goes above and beyond the views of a cab window or the blurred sights that you zip by whilst traveling in a metro. 

As exhilarating as it seems, the driving dynamics in Dubai may on occasions be daunting for people new to the emirates. There are a lot of matters one desires to keep in mind when driving in Dubai, like how other people/local drivers drive in Dubai. They forget to use indicators, go far above the speed limit, or change lanes coming out of nowhere like their car is the only car on the road, these are the common things you will get to experience while driving in Dubai.

But no need to worry as new laws for driving in Dubai have been strictly brought into action for people to drive responsibly and avoid gruesome accidents on road as 25% of road fatalities are pedestrians due to reckless driving.


Who can drive?


Any person above 18 and with a valid international driving license or a UAE license is free to drive across the country, but the driver must have the relevant vehicle documents such as the Insurance Papers, Valid Driving License, Registered Documents, and Proof of Identity. If you are a tourist or a visitor in UAE and want to drive a rental car, you need to carry your International Driving Permit, also keep your homeland driving license as you might need that too.


The speed limits are very seriously enforced and clearly specified for the people to follow. The speed limit generally ranges from 60kmph to 80kmph in the urban areas, 40kmph for the residents in residential areas, and 120kmph for highways. Defaulters have to pay a fine according to the severity of the violation they have caused. It also important to adhere to the minimum speed limit as driving too slowly can also cause car wrecks and obstruct regular traffic



Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense in Dubai, the consequences for the one found guilty can be severe, their driver's license can get canceled as well as their insurance along with a hefty penalty/fine decided by the court accordingly. 



Seat belts are absolutely essential not just for the driver but for everyone present in the car, including children. Children below the age of 4 should wear a child safety belt. It is also important that the person sitting in the front passenger seat should be of the minimum age of 10 and at least 145cm tall, for safety reasons.



Overtaking is common on the roads of Dubai, a car overtake you by any side of the road, so it is essential to keep both rear and side-view mirrors in function to keep an eye for fast and overtaking vehicles. Although the one overtaking on the hard shoulder can be called in for a hefty fine. Tailgating is also an offensive crime and can attract a hefty fine. Thus, a person should always follow the 3-second rule: the vehicle should always be 3 seconds away from the one in their front. 



The traffic lights are also needed to be taken seriously in Dubai, if caught jumping a red light, you will need to pay a fine of up to AED 1,000 and your vehicle can also be confiscated by the authorities for up to 2 months.



It is ultimately up to the drivers in Dubai to commit to responsible driving, although the traffic authorities are leaving no stone unturned and doing their best to keep the accidents at the most minimal rate. Driving on the streets of Dubai is a choice experience as not all countries provide you with such safe and secure traffic facilities.



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