Top 5 New Features that you can expect in Maruti Swift 2024

Martin Joseph 21 March
Top 5 New Features that you can expect in Maruti Swift 2024

Following its debut in Japan towards the end of 2023, the fourth-generation Suzuki Swift is anticipated to arrive in our neighborhood within the coming months. Although the design of the new Swift represents more of an evolution rather than a drastic overhaul compared to the current model, its feature set has significantly expanded.


Now, let's explore the anticipated top five new features of the India-spec 2024 Maruti Swift -


1. A Larger Touchscreen



The updated Swift features an expanded 9-inch touchscreen unit similar to the premium offerings in Maruti Nexa's lineup, such as the Baleno and Fronx. Additionally, it offers wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a departure from the current Swift's smaller 7-inch touchscreen, which necessitates a wired connection.


2. Six safety airbags


It's expected that Maruti will provide the new Swift with the option for up to six airbags, similar to its latest models. Also, there's speculation that the carmaker might make six airbags a standard feature to meet the upcoming regulatory requirements. Currently, Maruti offers the Swift with only dual front airbags.


3. A camera with a 360-degree view



Another essential feature expected to transition from the new Baleno to the Swift is the 360-degree camera setup. This feature will prove invaluable for navigating the hatchback in cramped parking spaces, congested traffic conditions, or tight corners. However, it's anticipated that this feature will be available only in the higher-spec variants of the fourth-generation Swift.


4. Blind-spot monitoring


Another significant safety feature that could be integrated into the new Swift is blind spot detection, as observed on the recently spotted prototype. Although it falls under advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), it's unlikely that the new Swift will receive the complete ADAS suite in India, as it could significantly raise the hatchback's price. However, this safety technology will certainly prove beneficial in India's congested traffic environments.


5. Head-up Display



Maruti may also consider introducing the head-up display from the new Baleno into the fourth-generation Swift. The head-up display in the Baleno offers various information, including current speed, clock, drive mode (in AMT variants), RPM meter, instant fuel economy, door-ajar warning, and climate control details. This feature could potentially be reserved for the higher-spec variants of the new Swift.


Expected Release Date and Pricing


The arrival of the fourth-generation Maruti Swift in India is expected within the first half of this year. Initial estimations suggest a starting price of Rs 6 lakh (ex-showroom). This launch will reignite competition with the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios while also offering an alternative to the Renault Triber, a sub-4m crossover MPV.



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