Discovering the Differences: Tata Curvv vs Tata Nexon

Martin Joseph 8 February
Discovering the Differences: Tata Curvv vs Tata Nexon

The Tata Curvv recently debuted in a nearly final production form at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, showcasing its internal combustion engine (ICE) variant rather than the electric version. Positioned as Tata’s entry into the compact SUV segment, it aims to rival established contenders like the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos, having styling as its key advantage. 



Prior to this unveiling, Tata’s compact SUV offerings were primarily represented by the Nexon, a sub-4m SUV. However, the introduction of the Curvv fills the gap between the Nexon and the larger Harrier, providing consumers with a mid-sized Tata SUV option without the significant size increase of the 4.6-meter-long Harrier.


Check out these key differences between the ICE versions of both the Curvv and the Nexon.


  • Size







4308 mm

3995 mm

+313 mm


1810 mm

1804 mm

+6 mm


1630 mm

1620 mm

+10 mm


2560 mm

2498 mm

+62 mm


The Nexon is smaller in every aspect, being classified as a sub-4m SUV. In contrast, the Curvv extends beyond 4.3 meters in length, positioning it directly against competitors like the Hyundai Creta and Maruti Grand Vitara. With its longer overall length and wheelbase, the Curvv is expected to offer greater rear legroom compared to the Nexon. However, the Nexon slightly lags in height and width measurements.


  • Design Specifications



The standout feature of the Curvv lies in its coupe-like roofline seamlessly merging into the elevated rear. Tata has also incorporated flush-fitting door handles on the Curvv, potentially making it the first in its segment to offer this feature if included in the production model.

Another distinguishing aspect is found at the rear of both SUVs. while the Nexon features an upright tailgate, the Curvv boasts a taller rear profile and boot lid, expected to provide additional luggage capacity. This translates into the Curvv offering a larger boot space of 422 liters, a 40-liter increase compared to the Nexon.


  • Larger Wheels


In the higher-spec variants of the Nexon, you’ll find a 16-inch alloy wheel, whereas Tata opted for larger 18-inch units for the showcase version of the Curvv. The Nexon’s wheels feature plastic aero flaps within the diamond-cut design, which Tata claims enhances aerodynamic efficiency, while the Curvv’s alloy wheels boast a petal-like design.


  • Expansive Panoramic Sunroof



Tata has chosen to equip the Curvv with a panoramic sunroof, contrasting with the single-pane unit found on the Nexon. This feature is sure to enhance the cabin’s spaciousness and alleviate any feelings of confinement.


  • Steering Wheel


While the Curvv shares many cabin features with the Nexon, it distinguishes itself with a different steering wheel design. Tata has equipped it with a Harrier-inspired 4-spoke steering wheel, featuring the illuminated ‘Tata’ logo, as well as audio and calling controls.


  • Larger Touchscreen


Despite Nexon’s recent midlife refresh, which introduced larger digital displays for both infotainment and instrumentation (each measuring 10.25 inches), Curvy surpasses this with an even larger central screen. Sporting a 12.3-inch unit identical to the one found in the new Nexon EV, it offers wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity.


  • ADAS


Tata is expected to provide the Curvv with nearly identical safety features as the Nexon, such as six airbags and a 360-degree camera. However, it is expected to elevate the offering by integrating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). These may include adaptive cruise control, rear-cross traffic alert, and autonomous emergency braking (AEB).


  • Prices


Tata Curvv (expected)

Tata Nexon

Rs 10.50 to Rs 16 lakh

Rs 8.10 to Rs 15.50 lakh


Being larger and packed with more features, the Curvv is set to attract a premium compared to the smaller Nexon. However, there will also be a price intersection between the higher-spec Nexon models and the mid-spec Curvv variants.



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