Petrol & Diesel Price in Kerala

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City Petrol Diesel
105.68 -0.72 ▼
94.67 -0.67 ▼
105.77 -0.38 ▼
94.78 -0.35 ▼
106.42 -0.26 ▼
95.38 -0.25 ▼
106.86 -0.08 ▼
95.77 -0.07 ▼
106.37 0.59 ▲
95.31 0.55 ▲
105.72 -0.39 ▼
94.72 -0.37 ▼
106.10 -0.12 ▼
95.08 -0.12 ▼
107.09 0.26 ▲
95.98 0.24 ▲
105.81 -0.22 ▼
94.79 -0.20 ▼
107.56 0 ▼
96.43 0 ▼
105.55 0.07 ▲
94.54 0.06 ▲
107.53 0.42 ▲
96.11 0.19 ▲
106.46 -0.18 ▼
95.39 -0.17 ▼
107.03 0.15 ▲
95.86 0.13 ▲

Today Petrol Price in Kerala is INR 108.28 per liter and Diesel Price in Kerala today stand at INR 97.17 per liter.

Kerala is a beautiful location at the Indo-Tibetan border. It is known for its beautiful scenery. Petrol price in Kerala is higher than in other states of India. It is because of its hostile terrain and difficult logistics conditions. Kerala is one of the most popular tourist spots in eastern India. The price of petrol and diesel in Kerala gets daily adjustments at 6:00 a.m. It is based on various factors.

You may have to pay extra when refuelling in Kerala. Besides, a low population density increases the cost of logistics supply from the mainland. Check out this blog to learn more about the latest fuel prices in Kerala.

Petrol price in Kerala

Today's Petrol Price in Kerala is INR 108.28 per liter.

Petrol price in Kerala is the most expensive after West Bengal in eastern India. The current petrol in price in Kerala lies between Rs.100.7 to Rs.100.7 per litre. Fuel prices depend on various factors like the cost of crude oil, forex valuation, domestic demand and excise duty.

Petrol rates stay high in Kerala, despite the fact that the state shares locations recording minimum gasoline consumption of around 0.1%. Given below are the excise duty charged and added taxes that add up to the retail rate you pay.

  • State excise duty- 25% for others and 20% for retailers per litre of petrol.

  • Union government excise duty- Rs.19.90.

  • The dealer commission- around 5%.

Diesel prices in Kerala

The Diesel Price in Kerala Stand at INR 97.17 per liter.

Kerala is among the least fuel-consuming states. The diesel consumption for the financial year of 2021-2022 in Kerala lies around 0.1% of the national share. The break-up of how the price is calculated is listed below.

  • State excise duty is 15% for others and 10% for retail consumers.

  • The union government charges Rs.15.80/l.

  • Dealer commission- 5%.


Individuals owning personal cars prefer petrol-driven vehicles, while those in commercial driving prefer diesel-driven vehicles.

Inner line permit applies to foreigners visiting Kerala. However, individuals planning to ride near the Indo-Tibetan border need advance clearance, whether visiting with or without personal vehicles.

We suggest you have valid car insurance when driving in Kerala. Known for hostile terrain conditions, having a comprehensive package keeps you covered against potential driving mishaps in Kerala.

KeralaPrivate cars in Kerala are the lowest in other Indian states with nearly 60 vehicles available for every 10,000 people in the state.