Used Car Vs New Car: Buying a Used is a Smart Choice and Economical Too!

Having a car of your own is still a dream that many people are trying to fulfill in India. Within the last few years, the number of people buying a first-hand car has increased like anything. All this was possible because of the easy car buying process and also an increase in the income of mass. Another thing that works as a fuel in this process is the car loan. All the banks have come with different and interesting schemes of car loans.


Used Car vs New Car

Buying an Old Car Can Save a Lot

Buying a car is a big decision as it is one of the most expensive investments to make. People think before buying a car because it is a big investment plus the quality must go up to the mark.


As time passed, the car buying mentality of people has changed. Nowadays, pre-owned cars are getting more market than a new car. It is easier to find and buy used cars in the same condition as a new car. The certified pre-owned car got a big demand within the budget people. It is true that buying a new one feels great but the financial support might not be there all the time. A pre-owned car with good maintenance can provide you better assistance in this case.


In the old times, it was a hassle to buy an old car as people needed to deal with local dealers or sometimes the owner as well. The paperwork would take weeks and months. That is why people used to avoid it before. But time has changed and now you can find it in a verified dealer and you can make your process online as well.


Buying an Old Car


You must consider the following points before making a decision about buying your car.


1. Depreciation is very less than a new car: The depreciation is much less for an old car because the percentage that the dealer used to cut, it has already been done when it was bought for the first time. Sometimes when people can’t pay the EMIs, they sell it very early also. So, it is better to opt for a used car as it will lower your overall cost.


2. Cost-effective, luxury and safety: Most of the cars manufactured in the last 5 years are equipped with the latest safety technologies. From airbags to Bluetooth and reverse-camera all are there. So, it is never like you are having an old-model car.


3. Insurance cost within the range: The premium amount of car insurance reduces with time. It is calculated with the amount of depreciation. Also, when the owner is changed, it is taken to different calculations.


4. It is the best option for learners: A few scratches and all are very common when you learn for the first time, having those in brand new cars sounds painful. So if you just have a used car you can be confident and free.


There are many marketplaces that are selling and buying used cars. If you are looking for one, you can surf through Carndrive. This site has many options within used cars and they have good deals also.

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