Auto Expo 2020: Mercedes Benz launched Marco Polo

Mercedes Benz upped their game at the Auto Expo 2020, unveiling the V-Class Marco Polo. The car is the third edition by the German carmaker firm in its V-Class family and the latest addition is all about targeting the Indian audience.   Read More..

The Mercedes-Benz G 350d is All Set for Its October 16 Launch With High-Performing Off-Road Features

With a launch set for October 16, the Mercedes-Benz G 350dwill join Mercedes-Benz’s – the largest luxury car sellers in India – line-up as the latest entry into the market. With Mercedes-Benz dominating India’s luxury car market for almost half a decade now, this is the first time we get the regular M...

Top 5 Launches from Auto Expo 2020

Autoexpo 2020 was a gamechanger for various companies and also it has pulled a good amount of crowd. From Hyundai to Mercedes several carmakers showed some of the best pieces. Auto EXpo 2020 has seen some of the best showcases, from electric vehicles to great SUVs. Many carmake...